Mental Health Supports Services

DIC Calendar August 2015

Clarion Drop-in Center

The Clarion Drop-in Center is a fully consumer-run, recovery-oriented center that provides vitally important support for people with significant mental health concerns who are in recovery. The Drop-in Center is run by consumers for consumers, as a place where people can relax, be themselves, feel accepted and safe, and find the support and encouragement they […]

Closeup of an elderly man looking away in deep thought , depression

Service Coordination

Many people who use human services are involved in more than one system. These systems have eligibility requirements, rules and regulations that are often confusing. As Butler County’s Base Service Unit (BSU), Center for Community Resources ensures that the services available to individuals with mental health or substance abuse needs are coordinated in the best […]


Evaluation Coordination

How many we help you? We will provide you with the contact information of local psychologists and/or psychiatrists who evaluate adults, adolescents and children to determine what level of services and supports are needed. You will have a choice of evaluator; for some evaluators the appointment can be scheduled at the time of this initial […]