Student Assistance Program (SAP)

student assistance programWhen schools, parents, students, or social service agencies recognize a student at risk, a referral to our Student Assistance Program provides a Liaison who will work with the schools and that student.

We refer students to supports and services designed to help them overcome learning barriers, remain in school, and become successful citizens in school and community. Some of services provided by SAP may include:

  • Screenings for mental health, drug & alcohol and/or suicide concerns
  • Referrals to community resources and guidance with accessing needed services
  • Prevention, intervention and/or educational support groups
  • Grief counseling and supports for students and staff after a traumatic event in the school or community

SAP, which is required in all schools across PA, was designed to assist parents and educators in helping students to achieve a more successful school experience. SAP is a free and confidential support for all K – 12 students in Butler County.


CCR currently provides this service in the following counties:

  • Butler
  • Clarion


Where do I start?

A student can be referred by the core team (school personnel), parent, teacher, or a social service agency.

We will contact the child’s parent/guardian to get permission to conduct an assessment.

Service Offered at These Location(s):