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Where do I turn first to access Mental Health Services?

**Insurance coverage for mental health services may limit choices of providers.


For private insurance holders:


Contact your Insurance Company by calling the toll free number on the back of your card.  The Insurance Company will provide a listing of providers in your area from which you can choose.  They will also provide you with details related to the services covered under your particular benefit.

For persons with no insurance:


  1. Inquire about options or schedule an appointment by contacting Center for Community Resources (Information & Referral Department) at 724-431-3748.

    1. If a person qualifies for county funded mental health treatment, they will be referred to one of the following providers:

      1. Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center 724-287-0791

      2. Glade Run Lutheran Services  724-283-9436 or 877-328-8537


For Value Behavioral Health Insurance holders, those insured through Medical Assistance: Gateway, Unison, UPMC4U


  1. Child & Adolescent Clinical Associates  724-776-0350

  2. Community Alternatives Inc. (Western PA Counseling Center) 1-800-332-1208

  3. Family Psychological Associates 724-287-1880

  4. Family Services Butler Memorial Hospital 724-284-4894

  5. Glade Run Lutheran Services 724-283-9436 or 877-328-8537

  6. Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center 724-287-0791

  7. Psychotherapy Services of Cranberry 724-776-5690

  8. Vocational & Psychological Services, Inc. 724-287-5604


Additional choices of Value Behavioral Health Providers can be obtained bycalling: